Information for Instructors

Quality instructors are the cornerstone of driver education in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Public Safety is responsible for licensing trained instructors and investigating and disciplining those who do not meet state standards.

Training Documentation
Documentation of New Instructor Training (DTO 0118)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Abbreviated Adult Instructor Training (DTO 0122)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Abbreviated Adult Online Instructor Training for Currently Licensed Online Instructors (DTO 0223)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Online Abbreviated Adult Instructor Training (DTO 0124)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Class A Instructor Training (DTO 0134)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Class B Instructor Training (DTO 0135)  PDF  Word
Documentation of Disability New Instructor Training for Rehabilitation Clinics or Hospitals (DTO 0212)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Online Instructor Training (DTO 0186)  PDF  Word
Documentation of Abbreviated Adult Instructor Training for Currently Licensed Class D Instructors (DTO 0220)  PDF  Word
Instructor Assessments
New Instructor Classroom Assessment (DTO 0173)  PDF  Word
Classroom Assessment for Experienced Instructors (DTO 0181)  PDF  Word
Behind-the-Wheel Road Assessment (DTO 0170)  PDF  Word
Skills Range Assessment (DTO 0214)  PDF  Word
Probationary Assessments
Probationary Classroom Assessment (DTO 0207)  PDF  Word
Probationary Behind-the-Wheel Assessment (DTO 0208)  PDF  Word
Probationary Skills (Range) Assessment (DTO 0213)  PDF  Word
Instructor Resources

Public Safety Training Campus

Some courses are available on the Public Safety Training Campus. The same account can be used for each of the courses listed below. Click HERE for information on how to log on or create a new account.

Basic Instructor Course | Curriculum ID: WBT651
For Class D applicants only, the required Basic Instructor Course may be taken online through the Public Safety Training Campus. The Curriculum ID is WBT651 Basic Instructor Course (Class D, Online, Disability). This course will enroll you in four lessons. You must complete all four lessons to complete the online course.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Course | Course ID: WBT650
Per OAC 4501-7-05 (C)(10), "Every training manager, instructor, and online instructor shall complete the department's online 'Sexual Harassment Training' annually." The Course ID is WBT650 Sexual Harassment Prevention Course.
Bridging the Gap | Course ID: WBT653
Bridging the Gap is the approved course for training managers to take in order to apply to be licensed for Abbreviated Adult Training.The Course ID is WBT653 Bridging the Gap.