Ensuring Quality Driver Instruction to Ohio Teens

Quality instructors are the cornerstone of driver education in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Public Safety is responsible for licensing and renewing trained instructors, and investigating and disciplining those who do not meet state standards.

How to Become an Instructor:

Sexual Harassment Course Registration Information

According to Ohio Administrative Code 4501-7-05 (V), “Every training manager, instructor, and online instructor shall complete the department’s online ‘Sexual Harassment Training’ annually.” The required Sexual Harassment Training Course is available through the Public Safety Training Campus (PSTC).

External Users (Non-ODPS), follow the steps below to create a New User Account.

  1. Send an email to ServiceDesk@dps.ohio.gov. If you need assistance, call the Help Desk at (614) 752-6487.
  2. In the subject line, please put "PSTC New User"
  3. Include the following information in the email:
    • First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name:
    • Email Address:
    • Street Address:
    • City, State and Zip/Postal Code:
    • Phone Number:
    • Occupation/Title:
    • Affiliation (Driver Training Program):
    • Affiliation/Work Phone
    • Company/Employer Name:
    • Registration under which division? (Office of Criminal Justice Services):

    NOTE: If any of the above information is incomplete, it will delay the account being registered.

  1. USERNAME & PASSWORD - Once the above information is processed, you will receive an email from training@dps.ohio.gov in no less than one business day, with your user name and password. This is the information you will use to log into the training campus.

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