Information for Driving Schools

The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) licenses driving schools and renews licenses to schools that meet and/or exceed standards outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. ODPS has vowed to be vigilant in its investigation and discipline of schools not meeting these standards or those in violation of current Ohio law.

ODPS inspects driving schools, including teenage driver schools, driver training schools for those with disabilities, and Commercial Driver License training schools to verify they are meeting and/or exceeding state-set standards.

Upon completion of the inspection and closure of any related administrative case, an inspection report can be obtained by contacting Ohio Driver Training at (614) 466-3524.


Driver Training in Persons with Disabilities – Instructor Course
April 3-4, 2015
Columbus, Ohio  

This course is specifically for those interested in providing driver training to persons with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Course Information and Registration

Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Training
April 7-8, 2015
Findlay, Ohio

Course Information   PDF   Word

Adult Remedial Instructor Workshop
April 10-12, 2015
Ashland, Ohio  

Course Information and Registration

40-hour Training Manager Course
April 26 - May 1, 2015
Independence, Ohio  

Course Information and Registration

Continuing Education Course
May 1, 2015
Columbus, Ohio

Course Information   PDF   Word

Ohio’s Best Adult Remedial Instructor Course
May 9-11, 2015
Hilliard, Ohio

This course is for those who would like to teach and train an adult remedial course.

Course Information   PDF   Word

ADED – Introduction to Driver Rehabilitation
May 15-16, 2015
Hanover, Maryland

This course would allow an instructor to receive the driver training in persons with disabilities, DTIPD, endorsement.

ADED - Introduction to Driver Rehabilitation.

Introduction to Advanced JDIP
June 7, 2015
Dayton, Ohio

This course is for instructors curious about the new advanced juvenile driver improvement program or those interested in the world of advanced training. This course is approved for instructor continuing education.

Course Information   PDF   Word



ADA Memo for the Hearing Impaired

Driver Training Online Application
Driving School/Instructor Complaint Form

Teen Driver Posters

Host a Driver Training Workshop

Procedural Policy for Training Manager Courses
Request to a Host Driver Training Cont. Education Workshop
(DTO 0123)  PDF  Word

Information for New Schools

Class D and CDL Application Items
Online Provider Application Items
New School Orientation
Checklist for Class D Driver Training Instructor Applications  PDF  Word
Checklist for Online Driver Training Instructor Applications  PDF  Word
Checklist for CDL Driver Training Instructor Applications  PDF  Word
Driver Training Documentation of New Instructor Training
(DTO 0118)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Online Instructor Training
(DTO 0186)  PDF  Word
Documentation of New Class B Instructor Training
 (DTO 0135)  PDF  Word  
Documentation of New Class A Instructor Training
 (DTO 0134)  PDF  Word  
Guidelines for CDL New Instructor Training
Driver Training Class D Lesson Plan (DTO 0198)   PDF  Word 

Learn State Guidelines for Certificates

Certificate of Completion Guidelines
Request for Duplicate Certificate (DTO 0120)
 PDF  Word  

Start an Enterprise Program

Starting a Business

Approved Text Books
Driver Training Enterprise Application (DTO 0116)  PDF  Word  
Enterprise Closing Procedure (DTO 0158)  PDF  Word  

Online Driver Education Security Assessment (DTO 0201)  PDF  Word
Attestation of Compliance (DTO 0205)  PDF  Word

Driver Training Enterprise Information

Driver Training Performance Improvement Plan (DTO 0149)  PDF   Word

Driver Training Course Evaluation (DTO 0156)  PDF   Word

BTW Inspection - Class D (DTO 0170)  PDF   Word

Instructor Log Book (DTO 0200)  PDF  Word
Driver Training School Personnel Physical Examination (DTO 0117)  PDF  Word
Training Agreement (DTO 0141)  PDF  Word
Behind-the-Wheel Training Agreement for Online Students (DTO 0185)  PDF  Word
Student Classroom Training Report (DTO 0138)  PDF  Word
Daily Classroom Roster (DTO 0139)  PDF  Word
Trucking School Lesson Plan (DTO 0199)  PDF  Word
Trucking Schools Student Classroom Training Report (DTO 0166)  PDF  Word
Class A Trucking Schools Student Behind the Wheel Training Report (DTO 0169)  PDF  Word
Student Behind The Wheel Training Report Class D (DTO 0137)  PDF  Word
Driver Training Classroom Inspection Form (DTO 0173)  PDF  Word
Motor Vehicle Inspection List (DTO 0142)  PDF  Word
Driver Training Vehicle Inspection (OTS 0150)  PDF  Word
Commercial Driver Training School Audit & Interview (OTS 0187)  PDF  Word
Commercial Vehicle Inspection (DTO 0096)  PDF  Word
List Of Personnel Used By Enterprise (OTS 0140)  PDF  Word
List of A/V Used by the School (DTO 0136)  PDF  Word
Final Report to Parent (DTO 0143)  PDF  Word
Online Driver Education Security Assessment (DTO 0201)  PDF  Word
Medical Release Form
Class Rules
Curriculum Structure
Using the Assessment Tool
Instructor Assessment Tool
BTW Instructor Assessment Tool
Professional Growth Plan
In Loco Parentis Affidavit
Do's and Don'ts at the Gas Pump
Drive for Life
Organ Donation DVD
Organ Donor Resource
Cell Phone Resource
Discussion Resource
Learning Pyramid
Resource Sheet
(Move Over or Slow Down)
Effective Communications when Teaching the Deaf to Drive
How to Do Running Commentary Instruction and Practice Scenes DVD (18 minutes)

Driver Training Enterprise Powerpoint Presentations

Communication Skills
Diversity In Driver Training
Driver Training Teaching Techniques
Qualifying for DL
Sexual Harrassment
Running Commentary
Learner-Teacher Types
Driver Training Computer Workshop

Become a Mature School
Application (OTS 0131)  PDF  Word

Mature Driver Course Rules
Student Roster for Mature Driver Course (OTS 0130)  PDF  Word

Mature Driver Course Place of Business Supplement (OTS 0133)  PDF  Word

Become a Remedial School
Remedial Course Provider Application (OTS 0129)  PDF  Word
Adult Remedial Course Training Agreement (DTO 0179)  PDF   Word
Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Training Agreement (DTO 0180)  PDF  Word
Daily Classroom Roster - Remedial Courses (DTO 0146)  PDF   Word
Remedial Student Report Form (OTS 0132)  PDF  Word
Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Resource Guide (DTO 0188)  PDF  Word
Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Dimension Guide (DTO 0196)  PDF
Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Behind the Wheel Evaluation (DTO 0184)  PDF  Word
Driver Training Vehicle Inspection (DTO 0150)  PDF  Word
Remedial Certificate Rules
Adult Remedial Curriculum Approval Criteria
Adult and Juvenile Remedial Rules - OAC 4501-21
Approved Adult Remedial Curriculum Providers

Advanced Juvenile Driver Improvement Program Curriculum Providers