Continuing Education & Training Opportunities

Continuing education (CE) requirements are outlined in OAC 4501-7. See also: Training Manager CE Approval Criteria.

Continuing Education Opportunities

Class D Instructor Continuing Education
August 21 – CANCELED
September 11 – FULL

Class D Instructor Continuing Education
August 24 – Kettering
September 8 – Reynoldsburg
September 9 – Newark
Registration & Information

CDL Training Manager & Instructor Continuing Education
October 17 – Columbus
Registration & Information

Basic Instructor Course

None at this time.

Training Manager Course

None at this time.

Adult Remedial

Remedial Instructor Training
August 25-27 – Hilliard
Registration & Information

Remedial Instructor Training
August 29-31 – Toledo Area
September 24-26 – Cincinnati Area
Registration & Information

National Safety Council Remedial Instructor Training
September 26-28 – Youngstown
Registration & Information

Juvenile Driver Improvement Program

None at this time.

Disability Training

Instructor Certification
September 6-7 – Kettering
Registration & Information

New School Orientation

Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4501-7 will be reviewed, including the Application for Driver Training Enterprise License and Application for Instructors and Training Managers. Rules for training students under age 18 and for commercial driver licenses will be discussed, as well as training agreements, records, vehicles, insurance and bonding, and advertising. There also will be time for questions. Prior to attending, please review OAC 4501-7. Upcoming events:

  • August 17 – 10 a.m. - noon
  • October 26 – 10 a.m. - noon

All courses are held at:
Ohio Department of Public Safety
1970 W. Broad St.
Columbus, OH 43223

Host a Driver Training Workshop

Request to Host Driver Training CE Workshop (DTO 0123)  PDF   Word

Policy for Training Manager Courses: Any provider who would like to offer a 40-hour Training Manager Course must follow these steps for prior approval. No class shall be given until approval has been granted.

  1. The course curriculum must be approved by the Director prior to submitting a request to hold a class.
    • Training Manager Courses must be at least 40 hours in duration.
    • Course curriculum includes, but is not limited to, the course outline and support materials (i.e., videos, handouts, etc.).
    • Curriculum submissions must include, but are not limited to, topics pertinent to the functions of a training manager and current topics within the field of driver training.
    • Training Manager Courses may include both Class D and CDL participants. At least four hours of the 40 must be specific to CDL topics. If the class must split to accomplish this, this must be noted. Only individuals qualified in CDL topics may teach these four hours.
    • Continuing education classes may not be conducted concurrently with the training manager course.
  2. Each course shall be approved on an annual basis. For this, each provider must:
    • Submit an updated course syllabus, list of facilitators and dates for the proposed course. This must be received six months in advance of the course.
    • Submit a registration form with contact information.
    • Upon completion of the course registration, a complete list of participants must be submitted to the Ohio Driver Training Manager. This must be received prior to the first date of class.
    • The course must have at least eight participants; the maximum will be based on the capacity of the individual classrooms.
    • Upon course completion, individual student assessments/evaluations of the course must be submitted to the Ohio Driver Training Manager within two weeks of the class completion date.
    • Upon course completion, a complete and final class roster must be submitted to the Ohio Driver Training Manager within two weeks of the class completion date.
  3. Any changes to the syllabus or curriculum outside of the annual review must be made in writing to the Department for prior approval.
  4. Any changes to facilitators or guest speakers must be made in writing to the Department prior to the class.

Failure to adhere to or follow procedures will result in automatic withdrawal of prior course approval status.

Public Safety Training Campus

Some courses are available on the Public Safety Training Campus. The same account can be used for each of the courses listed below. Click HERE for information on how to log on or create a new account.

Basic Instructor Course, Course ID: WBT651
For Class D applicants only, the required Basic Instructor Course may be taken online through the Public Safety Training Campus. The Course ID is WBT651 Basic Instructor Course (Class D, Online, Disability). This course will enroll you in four lessons. You must complete all four lessons to complete the online course.
Sexual Harassment Prevention Course, Course ID: WBT650
Per OAC 4501-7-05 (C)(10), "Every training manager, instructor, and online instructor shall complete the department's online 'Sexual Harassment Training' annually." The Course ID is WBT650 Sexual Harassment Prevention Course.
Bridging the Gap, Course ID: WBT653
Bridging the Gap is the approved course for training managers to take in order to apply to be licensed for Abbreviated Adult Training.The Course ID is WBT653 Bridging the Gap.

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